• Add the MN Day One Crisis Hotline to your phone: 1-866-223-1111 or text: 612-399-9995 for potential victims.

  • Learn the red flags that might indicate sexual exploitation or trafficking.

  • Talk to people in your life about what you learned today – have critical, courageous conversations.

  • SPEAK UP when women and girls are being disrespected or when men are not holding other men accountable.


  • Research anti-trafficking websites or watch documentaries & Tedtalks for more education. Visit www.cherishallchildren.org for recommendations.

  • Designate a point of contact in your church for Cherish All Children info and action.

  • Talk to your children about personal safety, relevant to their age, and don’t stop talking to them when it gets uncomfortable! (teens)

  • Check out what your children’s schools are teaching on the subjects of sexual violence and healthy relationships.


  • Educate your congregation and community by using the “My Neighbor is Not for Sale” Guide or hosting an event (Cherish All Children can help!)

  • Attend a training or conference to learn more and get more deeply involved.

  • Volunteer with an organization supporting youth experiencing homelessness or other risk factors that may lead toward exploitation.

  • Engage in raising the next generation of healthy boys and young men, ending the demand for sexual exploitation – Great resources at www.cherishallchildren.org including the “Don’t Buy It Project” and “10 Ways Men Can Prevent Sexual Violence.”