Safe Church Policies


Safeguarding God’s Children is a training program created by the Episcopal Church for the prevention of sexual abuse of children and youth. The training informs participants of the ways predators gain access to and groom children for abuse and it outlines the safeguards the Church has put in place to protect children and youth in our churches, schools and diocesan institutions.

Stewards of Children is a child sexual abuse prevention and response training program for adults, created by Darkness2light ( This program provides steps adults can take to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child sexual abuse. Online training available.


Safe Sanctuaries for Youth: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in Youth Ministries by Joy Thornburg Melton. Discipleship Resources, 2003. Offers basic ideas to help reduce the possibility of abuse within the church.


Child Sexual Predators: The Familiar Stranger, 2011. This informational DVD is free from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice. It was created to provide information a parent would need to protect their child from predators. There are four child molesters who candidly speak of what, why and how they did what they did. There are three true survivors interviewed who tell their story. They filmed a special agent posing as a 14 year old girl online in a chat room. What you hear and see will amaze you.

Websites: Offers a child and youth sexual abuse prevention program and brochures on safety tips on how to prevent child sexual abuse and a DVD on how your congregation can take measures to prevent an incident.

ELCA: Called to be a Safe Place

ELCA: Background screening for employees/volunteers

ELCA: Responding to a Sex Offender in a Congregation

ELCA: What if a sex offender wants to join a congregation

ELCA: Guidelines for using photos of church members

ELCA: Sample Image Release Form

ELCA: Information Security Policy

ELCA: Guidelines for using Social Media in Congregations

ELCA: Tips for Computer and Internet Safety