Adults & Youth (especially male-folk!) – Come to hear from inspired community leaders about what we can do in our own lives and communities to affect changes in society to raise a more healthy generation.

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As people of faith, we have a critical role to play in supporting young people. Here are our key speakers, sharing their expertise and work to help raise boys and young men to be their best selves, ending the demand for sexual exploitation:

  • Noelle Volin, Don't Buy It Project of Men as Peacemakers - Engaging Men and Others to End the Demand for Commercial Sexual Exploitation

  • Ethan Levin, Macalester College Student, Athletes Against Sexual Violence - male college athletes leading discussions with high school athletes, peer to peer, on healthy relationships and ending sexual violence

  • Andy Jolivette, Detoxifying Masculinity - gatherings for men to openly discuss their experiences in male culture, and to learn and live into healthy masculinity

  • Actors & Creative Director Shelley Smith, Chain Reaction Theatre Project - compelling scenes from upcoming production "What Guys Really Want" (venues across the Twin Cities, including Lutheran churches)

  • Jonathan Niesche, parent and church middle school mentor for boys - sharing his work to encourage positive growth and leadership as a Christian male

  • Joy McElroy & Monica Jones, Cherish All Children - A Call to Action - sharing resources about what you can do to make a difference in raising a healthy generation free from exploitation

Questions? Email or contact Joy McElroy 651-207-3357.