Stop the Trafficking 5K run/walk June 22, 2019

RACERS: JOIN US to walk or run, enlisting the support of friends and family to sponsor your race! It's fun, and YOU will be helping raise healthy generations free from exploitation!

     NOTE: Your registration fee and any donations made on the Stop the Trafficking site support organizations working with         survivors. To support Cherish All Children's prevention work, click HERE. 

  • 2nd - Ask friends and family to sponsor you! Donations made in your honor through Cherish All Children HERE will be credited to your personal fundraising goal.¬†

Racers with donations totaling $500 or more will have an additional $500 match! 

FRIENDS and FAMILY - Sponsor a racer! All of your support allows us to continue working to end child sexual exploitation and trafficking, creating a safe and healthy future for children. 

Together, We can raise $10,000 to bring the message of healthy and safe relationships directly to youth in our churches and communities - JOIN US!

Contact us with questions: 

Race at Purgatory Creek Park, Eden Prairie, MN