Mobilize Prayer - End Demand

Around the world, people are working to “end the demand” for sex trafficking. To join this effort, Cherish All Children is starting our own special effort to raise awareness of the “buyers” role in perpetrating this crime against women and children and perpetuating the existence of sex trafficking. If there weren’t a demand for women and children, there wouldn’t be a system of traffickers to recruit and exploit a supply of women and children.

For the next year, maybe longer, I invite you and your congregation to “Mobilize Prayer – End Demand.” On the

Second Sunday of the month
(during the Prayers of the People)

and the

Third Tuesday at 2:00 pm (your time zone),

please pray the following prayer:

Gracious and holy God, we hear the cries of your exploited children, and we want to end the violence and suffering inflicted upon them. Help us do what we can so children are not exploited and enslaved. Bring your healing into the lives of those who have been exploited.

We also pray for those who buy children to sexually exploit them, that they may be held accountable for their actions and learn how to live their lives with honor and respect for all children.

We pray for those who are thinking of buying a child, that there would be intervention and support so they do not follow through on their thoughts.

We pray for those whose behaviors are rooted in being abused themselves as children, that they would have healing so that the cycle of abuse does not continue.

We pray for those who buy children because of the culture in which they live, that they would learn to value the rights of children over the practices of culture.

Give us courage, God, to speak these truths, seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

© 2015 Cherish All Children. Permission is granted to reprint this prayer for prayerful purposes. Please include "Created by Cherish All Children ("