End the Demand

A Social Message on Commercial Sexual Exploitation
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (2001)

Address the demand for what the system of sexual exploitation offers. One way for congregations to address the demand stimulated by the sex industry is to provide safe settings for men, women, and youth to talk about their attitudes toward and struggles with prostitution, pornography, stripping, and appropriate uses of the Internet. In such settings they could explore together what makes them vulnerable to the lure of these activities, the false euphoria of a "sex high," and the significance of love and enduring relationships. Uncommon as such conversations may be in congregations, they are vital if the baptized are going to find support in the Church to resist our culture's ready acceptance of these practices. The Church Council urges congregations and men's, women's, and youth organizations to be pioneers in creating possibilities for this discussion to occur. (pg. 8)

A Social Message on Gender-based Violence
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (2015)

Gender-based violence includes sex tourism, forced prostitution, and human trafficking for sex. (pg. 2)

"Because we are each loved by God, God grieves deeply when we inflict gender-based violence on someone. The violence we impose hurts someone God created, and this hurt spreads out through the community.” (pg. 3)

β€œWithout self-control and giving priority to the needs of others to be safe and healthy, we are vulnerable to abusing our strength, thought and action by being violent.” (pg. 3)

"Bought and Sold: The New Fight Against Teen Sex Trafficking" radio documentary by American Radio Works, 2016. Starting at about minute 27:55, there is significant discussion of how to end the demand for trafficking.

Collection of articles and research on demand, created by Prostitution Research and Education.

"Comparing Sex Buyers with Men Who Don't by Sex," research article written by Prostitution Research and Education and presented at the Psychologists for Social Responsibility Annual Conference on July 15, 2011.

"Deconstructing the Demand for Prostitution: Preliminary Insights from Interviews with Chicago Men who Purchase Sex," report published by the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, May 2008.

"The Growing Demand for Prostitution" by Leslie Bennetts, published in Newsweek on July 18, 2011.

"Human Trafficking and Demand" published by the Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force.

"Mapping the Market for Sex with Trafficked Minor Girls in Minneapolis: Structures, Functions, and Patterns" published by the University of Minnesota's Urban Research Outreach-Engagement Center and Othayonih Research in partnership with the Women's Foundation of Minnesota, 2014. Full Report. Executive Summary.

"A Reformed Buyer" by Amy Hartman, published as a Wednesday Prayer by Cherish All Children on March 2, 2016.

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"Voices of Safe Harbor: Survivor and Youth Input for Minnesota's Model Protocol on Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Youth" published by Hennepin County, the Sexual Violence Justice Institute, and the Ramsey County Attorney's Office, 2015. There is a section on "Exploiters and Buyers" starting on page 41.

"Who is Buying Sex in Minnesota: Statistics from Breaking Free's Offenders Prostitution Program" published by Breaking Free.